Some books in the bible

1. Who was successor to Moses
2. Deborah was the only woman who had that position
3. I lived in the temple and was tutored by Eli
4. My mother named me but my father kept his mouth shout literally
5. Name a new testament doctor
6. Let me tell you how Pentecost began
7. They took us captive and change my name Belteshazzar remember my real name.
8. Who waked on water
9. Onesimus, in time past was unprofitable recorded in
10. Wrote songs and wisest king.
11. Yes a time for everything
12. Suggested, Rend your heart in this book
13. My wife suggested curse god and die
14. A tax collector
15. Old testament was into English from
16. Never mentioned God in my book
17. Where is it recorded that angels have 6 wings
18. Who said where thou lodgest, I will lodge
19. Who saw dry bones in a valley
20. Find reference to the four and twenty elders
21. In the beginning God
22. Explain the law